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How Spanking Will Take Off Your Love Life

When someone slaps their sex partner with their bare hand or an object to raise their arousal levels for one or both of them, it’s known as spanking. It happens as part of sexual play. Spanks those who find sexual pleasure in pain. It can be carried out during sexual activity or foreplay. One can spank someone from a variety of positions. Occasionally, the abused spouse is hunched over a chair or other furniture.

What is Erotic Spanking?

Using their hands, a whip, or another instrument, a person whips their partner’s body parts for mutually consenting and consensual sexual pleasure. This is known as spanking games. A mild BDSM exercise called spanking is frequently used as a kinky warm-up during dominant play or as foreplay before physical action. Taking an aphrodisiac can improve sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow to the groin. It also releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins into the brain.

BDSM spanking function

Another popular position is spanking over the knee, or “OTK”. When someone is spanked over the knee, their body is placed over the skin donor’s knee. With their feet flat on the ground, the dominant partner sits in a chair, sofa, or bed. Ask more questions if you’re interested in this specific interest and looking for an escort in Kuala Lumpur.

With their feet on one side of the dominant’s legs and their upper body on the other, the submissive lies face down on top of the dominant’s lap. If the dominant is seated in a chair, they might let their head drop to the floor in an attempt to lift their rear end.

Should they find it too challenging to stay in this position, they may use a bed or couch to support their weight. The dominant master can spank the submissive’s bottom as often as he pleases once he is in this position. They have two options for hitting them. Their hands or another tool. The dominant can strike with one hand while holding the submissive in place if they resist.

The dominant can use his body to further restrain the submissive if necessary. This entails immobilizing the submissive’s legs by putting his foot over them. The submissive can be dressed however the dominant desires, while the master can continue to be clothed. The submissive can wait for the dominant to take off their underpants or approach them without them.

Although this does not elicit the same level of desire, Aphentra can also slap submissives wearing underpants. When the submissive agrees, many dominants use spanking to maintain control over their subject during BDSM play. By humiliation, dominants can obtain mental or physical control.

Due to the close physical contact between the dominant and submissive bodies, it is an extremely intimate act. By striking above the knee, the spanker can avoid mistakes and hurting their submissive’s thighs or lower back. Love beating and spankophilia are other terms for spanking.

Spank Severity

If you’re newly introduced to spanking, know there are many intensities. These intensities range from a gentle smack to intense sessions that result in large, visible bruises on the other person’s butt. As long as it’s consensual, neither is incorrect. If you’re on the extremely painful end of the scale, we advise talking about this with your spouse.

We’ve even published a beginner’s guide. Not only is spanking fun but it is also linked to memories according to a psychological theory called “imprinting”. Within this sphere of behaviorism is classical conditioning, which functions as an instinctive reaction to prior learning. For example, you may associate spanking with an earlier event. It occurs in the aftermath of a particularly traumatic event that leaves an emotional mark on the victim. People sometimes develop a fetish out of a terrible event. Many find spanking more enjoyable.

Numerous other psychological theories propose other reasons why people enjoy spanking, thus this is not the sole explanation. “Spanking can also contribute to role play with themes of submission and dominance, which some psychologists believe may be more common in societies with hierarchical social structures.”

5 Tips for Erotic Spanking

Below are some helpful pointers for novices who wish to try sensual spanking in the bedroom:

Choose a safe word: People react to spanking differently. Some may find it incredibly enjoyable, while others may find it repulsive or only last for a few periods before they are ready to move on. Choose a memorable, safe word before you start so that you can both use it to end the session and take a break. This will guarantee that you and your partner have an open line of communication about sex.

Begin slowly: Since each person has a unique sensitivity, it’s critical to pay attention to what your spouse finds most effective. If your spouse requests more or tougher spanking, you can increase the severity of your erotic spanking. It should begin with mild strokes. Finding your preferences together might be facilitated by letting go and embracing the stroke.

Play around with your senses: You can experiment with different angles and methods when hitting with your hands to see what strikes you the right way. For instance, the fingers produce more stinging feelings but the palm feels a deeper thud. Other pounding implements can produce novel feelings. It’s crucial to take care of your buttocks after a few strokes to prolong sensations and heighten pleasure.

Observe each of the four zones. There are four distinct zones in the buttocks, and each reacts differently to impact. The plump center dome, the lower sides, the sides next to your hips, and the peaks in your lower back.

As you strike, focus on each zone: This will assist with releasing tension in the other zones as well. Concentrate most of your strokes on the underside as your libido rises. This will deliver vibrations to your partner’s genital area, increasing pleasure.

Let’s do it alone: You can enjoy spanking without a partner. During a masturbating session, incorporate some sensual movements. Easy access to your buttocks can be achieved from all fours.

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